Operr Work Business Management Platform

  • Connect & track your customers with CRM
  • Manage employees, schedules & performance
  • Track employees in the field or off-site
  • Control overtime pay with O.T. management
  • View, manage & assign tasks and view progress
  • Collaboration with task management boards
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Platform Benefits

Labor Law Compliance

By effectively managing and controlling overtime hours, employers can ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations. Different jurisdictions have specific rules regarding maximum working hours, overtime rates, and mandatory rest periods. By accurately tracking and managing overtime, employers can minimize the risk of legal disputes, penalties, or potential lawsuits related to labor law violations.

Cost Reduction

Overtime pay is typically higher than regular pay rates. By implementing efficient overtime management practices, employers can reduce excessive overtime and the associated costs. This helps in optimizing labor expenses and controlling the company's budget. Identifying trends in overtime usage can also highlight potential staffing or workload issues, enabling employers to address them proactively.

Streamlined HR

By digitizing HR functions, you eliminate the need for manual paperwork and time-consuming administrative tasks. Processes such as employee record management, time and attendance tracking, sick-day and vacation requests, and payroll management become more efficient, saving valuable time for HR personnel and enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Time & Attendance

Automating time tracking and attendance through a web portal simplifies the process for both employees and HR. Clock-in and clock-out functionalities streamline time recording, while automated notifications can alert managers and HR personnel about any discrepancies or exceptions. This system eliminates manual tracking methods and enables accurate recording of work hours, facilitating fair and precise payroll calculations.

Enchanced Accountability

When employees are aware that their activities are being monitored, it promotes accountability and encourages responsible behavior. The ability to oversee work being done fosters transparency within the organization, ensuring that employees adhere to policies, meet deadlines, and align their activities with company objectives all from our powerful system.

Monitoring & Performance

By being able to check employee performance through the web portal, business owners can assess individual and team productivity levels. Performance metrics and data can be analyzed to identify areas of improvement, recognize high-performing employees, and provide targeted feedback. This helps in aligning performance with organizational goals and enhancing overall productivity. Get in touch with us for a demonstration today.

Track Employee Location

No other HR, CRM or Employee collaboration tool lets you track in real-time.

Real-Time Employee Location Tracking

Stay connected with your field and off-site employees using our advanced mobile app tracking features. Our platform enables you to effortlessly monitor the location and progress of your remote workforce, ensuring transparency and accountability. With real-time updates and notifications, you can effectively manage your remote teams, improve efficiency, and ensure timely project completion.

Employee Management & Performance

Simplify your employee management processes with our powerful tools that enable you to effortlessly manage your workforce, schedules, and performance. Our platform provides you with the necessary tools to track employee activities, monitor progress, and ensure optimal performance across your organization. From assigning tasks to evaluating performance, our intuitive interface makes managing your employees a breeze.

Enhanced Collaboration with Task Management Boards

Collaborate effortlessly between teams with our task management boards, designed to foster collaboration and ensure transparency. Whether your teams are working on different projects or departments, our platform provides a centralized space for exchanging ideas, sharing files, and tracking progress. Unlock the power of team synergy and enhance your organization's productivity through seamless collaboration.

Do you control overtime pay?

Eliminate the challenges associated with overtime management through our innovative features. Our platform offers intelligent O.T. management tools that provide you with the control and visibility needed to monitor and regulate overtime hours. By automating overtime calculations and approvals, you can reduce costs, improve payroll accuracy, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Stay Compliant w/ Labor Law

Evidence in Case of Disputes

Accurate and comprehensive data on employee activities, work hours, breaks, and other relevant factors can serve as crucial evidence in case of any labor disputes or legal claims. Having a well-documented history of compliance with labor laws can strengthen the employer's position and help refute false allegations.

Overtime and Wage Compliance

Tracking employee work hours and breaks accurately can help ensure compliance with overtime regulations and minimum wage requirements. Preventing overtimes is even better. If disputes arise over unpaid wages or overtime, having detailed records can support the employer's compliance efforts.

Increased Profitability

One of the apparent benefits for the business owner with the Operr Work system is the potential cost savings by avoiding paying overtime wages using O.T. prevention alerts. Avoiding overtime payments can positively impact the company's bottom line, potentially leading to increased profitability.

Record-Keeping Requirements

Many labor laws require employers to maintain specific records related to employee work hours, wages, leave, and other aspects of employment. Cloud-based tracking systems can help ensure that these records are accurately maintained, making it easier for employers to comply with legal obligations.

Anti-Discrimination Compliance

Labor laws include provisions related to anti-discrimination and equal opportunity. Having data on employee activities and performance can assist employers in demonstrating fair and unbiased practices. Protect your business with in-depth real-time data, contact us for a consultation today.

Proactive Monitoring

Operr Work can incorporate alerts and notifications to flag potential compliance issues, allowing employers to address them promptly before they escalate into legal problems. OperrWork can help employers stay on top of labor law compliance, mitigate risks and demonstrate a commitment to labor law.

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