Election Campaign Software
Almost every aspect of your campaign can be improved & made easier with the Operr Campaigns module

Manage Political Campaigns

In the fast-paced world of politics, staying organized, reaching voters effectively, and managing campaign resources efficiently are essential. Our Political Campaign Software is your comprehensive solution to streamline campaign operations, maximize voter engagement, and propel your political journey towards success. This overview will introduce you to the key features and benefits of this powerful software. Operrwork Political Campaign management utilizes geospatial analysis to identify areas with high concentrations of the candidate's target audience, allowing for strategic deployment of campaign resources and events.

Election Campaign Staff

The system can help you manage your staff or campaign employees, track their working hours (predict and track overtime hours), generate time-slips and more. Our punch-clock feature allows for on-site or in the field punch features and even AI facial recognition. Our system will help with all your recordkeeping and management needs. We are even about to launch payroll features as well, saving you time and money in the HR department.

Election Campaign Operations

Compile specific constituent and voter information using the Voter Lists in the system. Create and manage your campaign walkers. Assign working zones and monitor in real time where your walkers are working in the zone. Store your potential voter records in the system and then use them to send out campaign communications or mailers. Data visualizations let you display your voter data by zone, using a graphical interface, quickly displaying your constituent demographics, needs & complaints in vivid charts and graphs.

For Campaign Trail

  • Create & manage campaign walkers
  • Create work zones for campaign walkers
  • Election & assembly district map zones
  • Map & track walker positions & progress
  • Collect & store voter contact info
  • Manage & use voter contact details
  • Send campaign messaging to contacts
  • Auto-call voters using Voter List

For Campaign Office

  • Create & manage employee/staff
  • Track working hours (in-house & field)
  • Other HR Tools (Overtime control, etc)
  • Track office & campaign supplies
  • Generate purchase request records
  • Add & Track vehicles, milage, expenses
  • Campaign equipment check-in/out
  • Crisp video conferencing tools

Key Features

Voter Outreach

Upload voter files and assign them to campaign walkers. Monitor the progress of every walker, ensuring comprehensive voter outreach.

Bulk SMS

Send campaign updates, reach out for donations, etc. using our bulk messaging system which utilizes SMS messaging.

Voter Database

Easily upload and maintain a centralized voter database. Analyze demographics and behaviors to tailor your campaign strategies.


Recruit, schedule, and communicate with campaign volunteers. Track volunteer activities and contributions.

Communication Tools

In today's digital age, it's more crucial than ever to reach voters where they are. Our system makes this effortless with tools designed for modern communication. Send tailored emails, SMS, and social media messages that resonate with your voter base. By crafting messages that resonate, candidates can effectively engage and inspire action among potential supporters.
Communication and communication efficiency is at the heart of a successful campaign. Our software anticipates this need, offering features like automated message scheduling and responses. This not only saves valuable time but ensures that no communication opportunity is missed, keeping your political campaign's positive momentum going.
Our built-in SMS feature stands as a testament to our commitment to effective outreach. With this, candidates can send personalized messages straight to potential voters' devices. Such direct channels of communication often translate into higher engagement rates, mobilizing the target audience more effectively, making sure to reach every voter.


Political Campaign Software empowers you to run a data-driven, efficient, and successful political campaign. By leveraging its advanced features, including voter file uploads and walker tracking, you can connect with voters, raise funds, and manage campaign resources effectively. Take the first step towards victory with the right tools at your disposal.

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